Topics (the right way forward)


  • Symptom Control: new ways to manage pain and symptoms
  • Patient care and family care: How to do it right
  • Ethics: The dilemma of right and wrong in Palliative Care
  • Long term care: finding the right way
  • Dementia: future directions for palliative care
  • Palliative Care in children and adolescents
  • Palliative Care in Europe: the way forward
  • Research and Education: Joint forces for international standards and norms
  • Human Rights: making palliative care accessible for all who need it
  • Bereavement: The difficulty to look forward
  • The Competent Patient: The right to be informed and to decide
  • Public Health and Primary Care: paving the way for palliative care
  • Working together: Leadership and teamwork to bring multi-professional teams forward
  • Gender issues: Different ways?


Scientifc Programme as of December 2012 - slight changes in titles and presenters are reserved