President of the EAPC

The President of the EAPC invites you to join the 13th EAPC Congress

tl_files/eapc13/images/wichtige-Personen/Presidnet-of-the-EAPC_Sheila-Payne.pngThe 13th World Congress of the European Association or Palliative Care brings together doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, researchers, social scientists, clinical scientists and people eager to explore a whole variety of issues in palliative care, from developing innovations in services to cutting-edge research. But why should you take time out of your busy life to come?

This Congress provides an excellent opportunity for networking – meeting people from across the world, both those who are well known researchers and leaders in palliative care, and those who are clinicians, managers and just starting out on their careers.  We have deliberately organised informal receptions where you can meet.  So be brave – talk to people from outside your group or country.  You will probably be surprised to discover how much there is to share.  Also take time to talk to the speakers after they have presented their work; they will be flattered by your interest and may offer to share more details about their research studies or the challenges of implementing new services.  Remember that poster presenters are keen to talk with you about their work and your interest will make the effort of coming to the Congress, so worthwhile for them.  It is likely you will foster new relationships and collaborations that will benefit your professional practice and care.

The ideas and new knowledge presented in plenary, parallel and workshops are designed to showcase the very best in palliative care from across the globe.  We hope that these sessions inspire and challenge you to engage in debate and reflect on what you can take back home.  We hope they also inspire you to participate more with the EAPC and the EAPC Research Network, and to become involved in your own national associations.

The EAPC Board members and I warmly welcome you to share in the amazing experience that will happen in Prague in June 2013.


Sheila Payne
President of the European Association for Palliative Care