EAPC Poster Award and Poster Prize

EAPC Poster Award and EAPC Poster Prize for Eastern European Countries

One of the core events of the EAPC congress – the poster exhibition – allows the many faces of palliative care to be shared, as selected abstracts from all disciplines of palliative care, from research to implementation to challenges and solutions, are presented by colleagues from all over the world. The poster exhibition offers a platform to see and discuss achievements, ideas and developments with the stakeholders face-to-face.

The EAPC Poster Award

To acknowledge the contribution and the efforts of the poster presenters the EAPC will be awarding six outstanding posters with the EAPC Poster Award (3 in each poster set).

The poster evaluation committee will select three outstanding posters in the morning hours of each poster set.

The winners of the EAPC poster prize will be announced in the afternoon plenary session of the same day. The posters themselves will jointly be exhibited on the prominent EAPC poster prize boards.

The EAPC Poster Prize for Developing Countries / Eastern European Countries

An extra EAPC Poster Prize for Developing Countries will also be awarded. The award will go to the best poster from all  the posters from Developing Countries.

Further the “Host Country Award 2013 – Czech Republic” will be given to the best Czech poster.

The two winners will be announced in the Closing Ceremony on June 2, 2013.

Acknowledgements to the prize donors

The EAPC would like to thank the donors of the poster prizes for their generous donations!


Our thanks to Sage Publishers for their support in donating 3 free personal online registrations to Palliative Medicine, the EAPC research Journal for one year.

European Journal of Palliative Care

Our thanks to to the European Journal of Palliative Care, and its publisher Hayward Medical Communications for the donation of 3 free personal online registrations to the EJPC, the EAPC Journal for one year.  

Oxford University Press

Our thanks to Oxford University press for the donation of 3 copies of Oxford text book of Palliative Medicine and 3 copies Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care.

University Press

Our thanks to Open University Press books for the donation of 1 Bonus of £50 for the choice from books published by Open University Press books, part of the McGraw-Hill Companies, for the EAPC Early Researcher Award winner.

Palliative Drugs

Our thanks to Palliative Drugs for the donation of 6 copies of Palliative Care Formulary 4 (the current edition) signed by Robert Twycross and Andrew Wilcock (wisepress).

PCF brings together a wealth of important information about drugs commonly used in palliative care and about drugs for use in special circumstances by, or in conjunction with, a specialist in palliative care. It highlights drugs given for unlicensed indications or by unlicensed routes and deals comprehensively with the administration of multiple drugs by continuous subcutaneous infusion.


Our thanks to Wisepress for the donation of 2 book vouchers to the value of £50 each.


Our thanks to Wiley Press for the donation of 3 copies of “Clinical Psycho-Oncology: an international perspective”.